Why Big Bumpers?

We love boating... the sun, the water, the incredible people you meet on the water or when you're hanging out at a local sandbar. What we didn't love were the traditional rubber fenders that took up too much space on our boat, and were never enough to protect our boat when we were rafted up. We knew there had to be something better out there, so we started looking and found Big Bumper Company out of Georgia.

When our first bumper arrived, we were BLOWN AWAY with the quality right out of the box. When we got it in the water and started using it, there was no turning back. So, we decided to make an investment, take a little leap, and and now we're the distributors for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and our home state of Michigan!

We're confident that you are going to be blown away by Big Bumpers, and you too will be scratching your head trying to figure out where they have been all your boating life.

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Bumpers In Action

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